babyI’m in my 50s, so I think it’s safe to say this is very unlikely.  Somehow my name, address, and phone number ended up on a list to the contrary.  I’ve received several phone calls from marketing people trying to either get my opinions about baby-related stuff or maybe they were selling something.  I’m not sure because I cut them off quite quickly.

Now I’m receiving the magazine, American Baby, a free publication that apparently is difficult to cancel.  I couldn’t find an address or phone number in the magazine and online wasn’t much help because the mailing label doesn’t contain my subscription number.

Then a couple of days ago I received a baby formula sample in the mail.  I’ll drop it off at the food bank down the street from where I work on Monday, but I’d sure like to know how my name ended up on that list and how to get myself off it.  Will I be getting related info for the next 18 years?!


3 Responses to “Mom-to-Be?”

  1. You’re not only old but you’re fertile!

    Neat trick.


  2. According to this story I have several years to go!

    Heaven help me!!

  3. […] I were to have that child referred to in an earlier post, I could pay $149 for a genetic test that would tell me those sports in which my child would […]

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