Tone Deaf General Motors

hummerI’m disgusted with those who are trying to blame the auto workers and their union for the mess the Big Three find themselves in these days.  The workers aren’t making the decisions about profitability and what type of vehicles to make, and contrary to what’s been reported, the workers aren’t earning $70 per hour.

Yesterday while commuting to/from work, I heard an interview with William Ford, the executive chairman of Ford Motor Company.  He admitted that it was a mistake to fly to Washington in a private luxury jet, although he also said Ford is not in the same situation as GM and Chrysler with respect to finances.  Ford was hoping to ask for a line of credit, just in case the economy continues to sour.

Today, however, I read where GM has requested flight privacy from the FAA so the public won’t know where and when its executives are flying.  As much as I don’t want millions of autoworkers to lose their jobs, I do want to see the high flying executives who have run their companies into the ground removed from their duties.  Why this isn’t a condition to public financing is beyond me.


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