Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgivingSo many things to be thankful for….  A new job I like well enough, a debt-free roof over our heads, healthy food to eat, and clean water to drink, hot water showers, and a warm comfy bed, relatively good health and independence to get around on our own, caring family and friends, a loving spouse and devoted dog, and soon-to-be President Obama.  I’m one lucky ducky.

We moved away from our family 30 years ago so we haven’t had many extended family holidays since then.  At first I missed them, but after a few years I came to enjoy our truly peaceful holidays.  We nearly always roast a turkey and then have way too many leftovers.  We bake a pumpkin pie and I make cranberry relish.  We’ve had some Thanksgivings where we’ve invited friends without family to share our meal, but our most memorable Thanksgiving was about 20 years ago when we went camping with friends.  This was in northern California so the nights were chilly but the days were pleasant.  We roasted the turkey in a large BBQ and had all the trimmings, etc.  At night we sat around a campfire drinking hot toddies and telling wildly hilarious stories.  It was a magical Thanksgiving and one I’ll likely never forget.

One of the other members who shared this particular holiday dislocated one of his fingers the last morning there and had to be taken to the local hospital.  Later in the week I bought him this book as a gift.  You can tell from the title what he was doing when he dislocated his finger.

Although times are hard and many Americans will have a less than desirable holiday season this year, I hope no matter your situation you can find at least one thing to be grateful for in this moment in time. 

And if you can, please consider giving a few extra dollars to United Way, your local food bank, or any other charity that will be helping others make life just a bit easier.

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