Computer Problems

I’m having problems with XP on my HP Pavilion laptop.  I thought it might be a virus but I’ve done several scans and removed the annoying cookies that were found and that hasn’t helped.

When I boot up the computer, the icons appear for a short period of time and then they and the taskbar disappear completely.  Makes it difficult to navigate, that’s for sure.  I did a google search and discovered it might be a fragmentation problem so I’ll try a couple of things and if that doesn’t work I might have to buy an external hard drive so I can back everything up and reload Windows.  Ugh.

I’m wondering if it’s worth taking to the Geek Squad or should I just deal with it myself?  Well?


One Response to “Computer Problems”

  1. clintthewookie Says:

    Try doing a restore installation. Just put in your XP install disk, boot from it, and select restore install(or something like that). That has fixed almost every problem I have ever had.

    Sounds like explorer.exe is messed up…

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