Obama’s First 100 Days


Today’s Denver Post included an excerpted column from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about Obama’s first 100 days.  The column was titled “The First 83 Days” and was written by Kevin Horrigan.  I’ll give you a taste and you can click on the link to read the whole thing:

Every new president tries to emulate Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous “100 Days” strategy of 1933 with a blitz of new initiatives, but Barack Obama is so special he’ll need only 83.

Based on in-depth research — via right-wing websites — here’s Obama’s agenda  between Inauguration Day and Easter Sunday.

Jan. 20: Deliver Inaugural Address (in Farsi) on YouTube.
Jan. 21: Redecorate Oval Office as cave.
Jan. 22: Get fitted for turban (Barack).
Jan. 23: Get fitted for burkha (Michelle & girls).
Jan. 24: Name new puppy: Roe-ver Siswade.
Jan. 25: Veggie Monday.
Jan. 26: Bill Ayers Medal of Freedom ceremony.
Jan. 27: Enroll girls in madrassa.
Jan. 28: Poison water supplies (red states).
Jan. 29: Ahmadinejad state dinner.
Jan. 30: Redistribute wealth.
Jan. 31: Nuke Wasilla.
Feb. 1: Hugo Chavez @ Camp David.
Feb. 2: Outlaw fur.
Feb. 3: Repeal Second Amendment.
Feb. 4: Talk-Like-A-Kenyan Day.
Feb. 5: Dick Cheney? Two words: extraordinary rendition.
Feb. 6: Rumsfeld trial begins at The Hague.
Feb. 7: Soak rich.
Feb. 8: Soak middle class.
Feb. 9: Declare basketball national pastime.
Feb. 10: Arugula: It’s what’s for dinner.
Feb. 11: Tim Robbins Film Festival.

I guess I lost my humor these last 8 years along with some of my civil rights.


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