Palin’s Book Deal


Several Australian news organizations are claiming Palin is being heavily wooed for a book deal that could pay out $7 million.

Apparently no one will touch George W. Bush’s memoirs with a ten-foot pole, but Ms. Palin, who was on the national scene for all of 10-11 weeks, is going to make a fortune on being chosen by McCain to be his running mate.

My mama told me life wasn’t fair, but still….


2 Responses to “Palin’s Book Deal”

  1. That is the ditziest woman. She has no credibility with me. I wish they’d stop giving her all this attention. It just encourages people to not be educated and follow in her footsteps. I won’t be reading any book she “writes.”

  2. No way will I buy her book, nor will I ever read it. I prefer people who know their continents and can speak and think intelligently!

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