Crestor Study


Sometime over the last year I read this book, Our Daily Meds, by Melody Petersen.  I couldn’t help but think of this book when I heard about the latest Crestor study on NPR yesterday.

My immediate reaction was that this study, which was funded by AstraZeneca, the maker of Crestor, was undertaken in order to find new market share for Crestor.  And apparently they succeeded.  Now that the cholesterol-lowering drug market has been saturated, AstraZeneca needed to find another way to make more money.  And using a drug that has already gone through the FDA process is more lucrative than developing a new drug.

One of the things I learned from this book is that drug companies often bury the side effects to their drugs in order to increase market share.  They figure they can take the chance of a few people being adversely affected in exchange for all the money they’ll make. 

If you are concerned about having a heart attack you can now invest in Crestor to the tune of $100 per month.  Be aware that the no one knows the long term consequences of reducing cholesterol to abnormally low levels and you will be running the risk of developing diabetes.  Who knows what other side effects this drug therapy brings with its daily use.

I’d encourage you to read the book if you are interested in how Big Pharma operates.


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