Tree Trimming


We have an old, large cottonwood tree in our back yard with some dead branches in it.  I called the tree trimmer this week and he’ll be back tomorrow to do the job.  I was a bit surprised by how expensive it is to have a couple of branches taken off a tree.  The quote to completely trim the tree was $500.  I opted for the cheaper version of $250 to do just the obvious, low-hanging branches with an additional $50 to cut down two ugly spruce trees.

So far my new found wealth from returning to work is quickly evaporating.  I gave all of my first check, with the exception of gas money, to United Way as my 2008 donation.  I get paid again next Friday and most of it that will go for tree trimming, homeowners insurance, a dental checkup for Mr. gyma, and a furnace tune-up.

In the end, I doubt our cottonwood tree will turn out quite like this one.

3 Responses to “Tree Trimming”

  1. Wonderful. Was this photoshopped or was the photographer just very observant?

  2. Good question. I’m not sure because there was no narrative with the picture. I found it ‘stumbling’ one night last week. My guess is that it’s photoshopped, though.

  3. I badly need some trees trimmed off one side of my house roof. So many things we’ve had to do this year. Total remodel of the house due to a flood, which insurance did not touch. Money in and money out. I know just how you feel.

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