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Time To Buy A Lottery Ticket

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I hope this guy buys a lottery ticket because he definitely has the luck of the Irish.



On the right of the photo you can see the people standing on the road.  That’s where the truck left the highway.  Apparently it went front over end several times before coming to rest.  Take a look at the next picture:



Tree Trimming

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We have an old, large cottonwood tree in our back yard with some dead branches in it.  I called the tree trimmer this week and he’ll be back tomorrow to do the job.  I was a bit surprised by how expensive it is to have a couple of branches taken off a tree.  The quote to completely trim the tree was $500.  I opted for the cheaper version of $250 to do just the obvious, low-hanging branches with an additional $50 to cut down two ugly spruce trees.

So far my new found wealth from returning to work is quickly evaporating.  I gave all of my first check, with the exception of gas money, to United Way as my 2008 donation.  I get paid again next Friday and most of it that will go for tree trimming, homeowners insurance, a dental checkup for Mr. gyma, and a furnace tune-up.

In the end, I doubt our cottonwood tree will turn out quite like this one.

Bumper Sticker of the Day

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Will this be his legacy or will his legacy actually turn out to be that because of his incompetence the country felt compelled to put aside race and elect its first African-American president?