President Palmer vs. President Obama


I know this may sound crazy, but during the primaries I was talking to Mr. gyma about whether it would be easier for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to get elected.  At that time, I thought this country was more likely to elect a black man before a woman.  Why?  Because we still believe men, of any stripe, are more qualified than women.  Look at the inequality in incomes and you’ll see what I mean.

The other thing we talked about was the popularity of 24 where Dennis Haysbert portrayed a credible black president.  24  was much more popular than Commander in Chief where Geena Davis portrayed a female president.  And Davis wasn’t elected president, she came to the office by inheriting it.

As much damage as I thought 24 did to our being willing to torture people, I must also give credit where credit is due.  Without President Palmer, I doubt we’d be seeing a President Obama.


3 Responses to “President Palmer vs. President Obama”

  1. Hadn’t thought of that! Whatever the reason, we finally are going to have a president we can be proud of. Who is very intelligent, schooled and polished by his own hand. I am a happy camper this week! I was a Hillary voter, and I was saddened. Just proves, like you said, no one is ready for a woman to tell them what to do.

  2. Dennis Haysbert, yes, but let’s not forget Morgan Freeman.

    As Jon Stewart pointed out the other night, whenever black men are president we get hit by nukes or asteroids.

    It’s gonna be a helluva 4-8 years., that’s for sure!


  3. I think you’ve given a TV character far too much credit.

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