Crappy Haircuts


I swear I’m going to shave my head and buy half a dozen wigs, ala Dolly Parton, so I never have to suffer through the indignities of crappy haircuts ever again.

When I was a toddler I had frequent sore throats and swollen glands so our family doctor recommended the latest and greatest in medicine: radiation treatments to the tonsils to shrink them!  I guess it worked (temporarily) however, less than 20 years later I had a honking tumor growing on my thyroid requiring surgery.  It was a benign tumor and they only took out one lobe so I still had a functioning thyroid.  Less than 5 years later, another tumor appeared on the remaining lobe.  It was determined surgery wasn’t necessary since it was another benign tumor.  Fast forward 20 years and the tumor had gotten so large my doctor thought it best to have it removed.  I now have no thyroid.

I bet you are wondering what this has to do with haircuts, right?  I’ve decided that not producing any thyroid hormones has thinned my hair dramatically.  I’ve worn my hair in a pixie haircut for several years for that reason and if it’s cut well, I can get away with it.  Over the years I’ve also discovered that not too many hairdressers know how to cut short hair.  I continue returning to Supercuts because MOST of the time I get someone who does a good enough job.

My local Supercuts closed a couple of months ago, so I tried a Cost Cutters that’s a short bike ride from the house.  I had to attend a board meeting Tuesday night and wanted to make a good first impression so I got a haircut Monday evening.  Big Mistake.  I’ve wasted so much time in the mornings this week fooling around with it that I decided I would stop at a Supercuts on my way home from work last night.  I knew I was in trouble when she kept cutting and cutting and cutting. 



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