Bush’s Legacy

bushI’ve been thinking about yin & yang lately.  That, most likely, without the last eight nightmarish years, we wouldn’t be welcoming a President Obama to the White House.  There’s a part of me that wants to forget Bush ever happened and simply move on.  But, there’s a growing part of me that wants closure.  I want the people responsible for the abuses of power held accountable.  If they aren’t, then we increasingly run the risk of repeating and expounding on what BushCo has done to our beloved country.

We are in one heap of a mess, so I don’t know how much tolerance the country will have for holding hearings in order to discover the extent of the abuse.  Can we appoint a commission of thoughtful and persistent people to do this for us?  If Democrats take the “we can’t impeach Bush because there are more important things to do” attitude then things like this will continue to happen:

A federal judge has dismissed part of a lawsuit filed by two activists who said their rights were violated by White House officials and volunteers when they were removed from a 2005 visit to Lowry by President Bush.

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Wiley Daniel ruled that Leslie Weise and Alex Young had no constitutional right to be present at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum because it was a “limited private forum or limited nonpublic forum.”

“President Bush had the right, at his own speech, to ensure that only his message was conveyed,” Daniel wrote. “When the president speaks, he may choose his own words.”


The White House has a policy of excluding troublemakers — even potential troublemakers (emphasis added) — from appearances by Bush. Daniel ruled that previous courts had allowed a restriction of speech at presidential events.

From today’s Denver Post.


3 Responses to “Bush’s Legacy”

  1. Perhaps the Bush legacy will be one of how not to run a Presidency. We had to have endured the past eight years for something!

  2. People are very excited over Obama as a symbol that is antithetical to the Bush Presidency. I did not vote for him and I did not vote for McCain. This was my choice because niether had the guts to talk about the restoration of our personal liberties. I think and hope Obama made the choice not to aire this issue based on a strategic issue because the best thing we can do from here is to roll back everything Bush did, but I doubt that will happen and if I am right in this, then to me Obama will just be another machine politician. We’ll never ever, ever find out the truth about how extensively Bush and Co. violated our rights and the rights of others becuase it is one big club and they all eat at the same table.

  3. You might be right Dan, but I’m hopeful that we, the people, will help the new President Obama do the right thing. Change doesn’t come about because one person wishes it so. It takes a grassroots effort, a will of the people, to show our leaders we mean business.

    I am, however, buoyed by the organization chart available on Obama’s transitional website. It shows the Constitution above all else, and as a constitutional lawyer, I believe Obama understands the importance of the document.

    You can see what I’m talking about here:

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