This is a heartbreaking story.  I just signed the petition and urge you to do the same by clicking on the photo.  Here’s the story:

This summer, Alaska wildlife agency personnel reportedly staked out a known wolf denning site – a practice that is illegal under Alaska law – and, using helicopters, gunned down 14 adult wolves from the air.

When they landed, they found 14 helpless pups in the nearby dens – infant wolves just weeks old – and methodically shot each one in the head. 28 wolves gunned down in all.

Due to a loophole in federal law, Alaska is the only state in the U.S. where a few hunters still use aircraft to shoot wolves or chase them to exhaustion before landing and shooting them point blank. But the practice of “denning” – the killing of wolf young in the den – is prohibited even under Alaska law. This killing of 14 wolf pups disturbs even longtime hunters in Alaska.

Will Palin do the right thing and call for an investigation and prosecution of any state employee found guilty of this?


One Response to “Heartbreaking”

  1. That is just SICK, SICK, SICK, but what do you expect with Palin as governor? Of course, with no pack to care for the cubs, they would have starved to death, but what kind of human would put a bullet in the brain of a wolf pup? I’m absolutely SICK! Yes, I will sign the petition!

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