I have no idea how Barack Obama is feeling today but I don’t blame him for avoiding the press.  I’m exhausted and I haven’t been running a 24/7 circus for 20-some months. 

The last couple of days have been emotionally draining.  For a few days I worried nonstop that the Rovian machine was going to steal this election and I was already imagining the indignation I was going to feel.

Last night I felt a bit more certain when I didn’t hear too many election day horror stories.  As the polls starting closing and state after state was called for Obama, my hopes started to rise.  Once Pennsylvania and Ohio were called for Obama we knew it was over — not just the election, but our way too long national nightmare starring George W. Bush.

I should feel exhilarated by Obama’s victory, but part of me is angry at what Bush has done to this country and his smugness in knowing he’s leaving this mess to Obama.

Last night was the best thing that has happened to this country in a very long time.  We aren’t a nation of imbeciles who believed the force fed pablum coming out of the McCain campaign, although I do wonder what’s in the water in those red states.  Most of us were able to discern who was offering us a chance to be a better nation and who wanted to rule by fear.  I’m more hopeful now than just about any other time in my life.  And it feels good.

But I’m exhausted in so many ways.  I need to take a break from the right wing in this country who refuses to acknowledge that Obama will be the president and have already begun planning for 2012.  I don’t want to spend the next four years listening to Rush Limbaugh, Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich, or anyone else spout a bunch of nonsense.

I want to revel in a leader who speaks in complete sentences, who will inspire us to be and do more than we ever thought possible.  Obama doesn’t have to be a miracle worker for me to think my vote was well cast.  But I am hoping he will reinstate the Geneva Conventions, close Gitmo, appoint an Attorney General who will put the word ‘just’ back in the Justice Department, and find a way to get us out of Iraq. 

Right now, I’m headed to bed where I’ll dream sweet dreams.


One Response to “Exhausted”

  1. I’ve never slept better than I did last night. The last few nights before the election I did not sleep much.

    I have every confidence in Barack Obama.

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