Wish List


I really don’t want much for Christmas this year.  But Santa, if you’re listening, here’s my wish list and I’d like you to deliver my presents early:

  1. Make Marilyn Musgrave go away.  Forever.
  2. Replace Wayne Allard with Mark Udall so Bob Schaeffer can continue working for oil companies.
  3. Send Sarah Palin back to Alaska where she’ll join the AIP, Alaska will secede, and Palin will become the President of Alaska.
  4. Give Paul Wellstone’s seat to that funny dude, Al Franken.  You know, the one who called Rush Limbaugh a big, fat idiot.
  5. Show Michelle Bachmann what patriotism looks like by bringing out lots of voters for El Tinklenberg.
  6. Oh, and please, pretty please, I want a President Obama for Christmas.

Thanks, Santa.  If you get me these things you can skip my house on Christmas Eve.


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