Palin As President

My days go like this:  up at 5:15, 5:20 at the latest, into the shower, brush my teeth, do my hair and a small bit of makeup, get dressed, and hope I have time for a quick bowl of cereal, try to read the newspaper while eating said cereal or maybe read a quick blog, then out the door by 6:15.

At work by 7:00, do the crossword puzzle from the paper before anyone gets to work, then stare at a computer screen for 8 hours, but not reading blogs, eat a cup of yogurt during my 1/2 hour lunch at my desk while I read a few more blogs, but there’s not enough time to do my own blogging, leave work at 3:30, home by 4:10 depending on traffic, read the mail and sit down for 10 minutes before starting supper, eat dinner and clean up afterwards, read the rest of the blogs and check my e-mail, try to find something to post on my own blog while watching some crap television, off to bed by 9:00 to watch some more crap television or read a book in the hopes it will put me to sleep.

Rinse, repeat, 5 times per week.

Now you know why the blog is suffering.  I really don’t have the time I once had, but I do have more money!  Why can’t we have both?!

Why did I title this ‘Palin as President?’  Because I want you to go to this website every day between now and the election.  Move your cursor around the screen for a bit of Palin fun.  This probably isn’t too far from the truth.


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