Obama! Obama!

I decided against attending the Obama rally in Fort Collins, CO yesterday because I have difficulty handling crowds.  This is a picture from that event with an estimated crowd of 50,000!  I’m just under 5′ tall so I would have stood in line for several hours to see the back of the head of the person standing in front of me.  I read in the morning’s newspaper that the line to get in stretched 2.5 miles.  Someone here at work stood in that line and just before the beginning of Obama’s speech, they let everyone else in without going through the screening process.  My coworker said it took the entire length of Obama’s speech ( 35 minutes) to get inside the Oval.

I also heard this morning that the gal I replaced on the job and her husband were hand picked by the Secret Service to stand behind Obama at the podium.  I looked at all the available online photographs but didn’t see any taken straight on.

Eight more days and counting – depending on whether you count today and/or the 4th.  Can’t wait.


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