Joe Klein on Barack Obama

Obama is in Colorado today and this is a picture of his rally this morning in Denver.  No word yet on the size of the crowd, but it was big.

If you are still undecided, please take a look at the pictures and listen to what Joe Klein has to say about Obama.  If you prefer, you can also read Klein’s article from Time magazine.  I hope you come away from this interview infused with knowing, in your gut, that Obama really is the right person at this time in our history.



One Response to “Joe Klein on Barack Obama”

  1. I have a subscription to both Time and Newsweek. And I read Joe Klein every week. Obama’s crowds make my heart sing. I can say there is probably no one on this earth I would go into a crowd (absolutely detest crowds!) to listen to. But I just might change my mind for our future president, Barack Obama!

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