Blame Game

I guess political finger pointing favors neither party and will take place as sure as the sun rises in the east every morning.  I understand it normally waits until after the election, but not so much this time.  The McCain campaign’s strategy  has been so poorly executed that the major players can’t wait to start placing blame.

Apparently it will get ugly, and sooner rather than later.  Sarah Palin is poised to take the lion’s share of the blame so she’s decided to take control and is now ignoring her handlers and advisers.  The next week should be very interesting.

From CNN:


But two sources, one Palin associate and one McCain adviser, defended the decision to keep her press interaction limited after she was picked, both saying flatly that she was not ready and that the missteps could have been a lot worse.

They insisted that she needed time to be briefed on national and international issues and on McCain’s record.

“Her lack of fundamental understanding of some key issues was dramatic,” said another McCain source with direct knowledge of the process to prepare Palin after she was picked. The source said it was probably the “hardest” to get her “up to speed than any candidate in history.”


“She’s no longer playing for 2008; she’s playing 2012,” Democratic pollster Peter Hart said. “And the difficulty is, when she went on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ she became a reinforcement of her caricature. She never allowed herself to be vetted, and at the end of the day, voters turned against her both in terms of qualifications and personally.”

The book Palin writes after she loses should be very interesting.

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