The Day After

I survived my 2nd day on the new job, but it required getting up at 5:30 so I could be out the door by 6:20.  I decided to try working 7-3:30 and I like it except for having to get up so dang early.  The morning commute was quicker, but the drive home took just as long.  I did like getting home before dark, though.

I’m working in a county office, of a county with a population of close to 300,000.  I understand governments are underfunded, but it’s interesting that there are absolutely no pens in this office with ink in them.  I went to the “supply closet” and the only pens I found appeared to have been collected from the trash can.  They were the type with the clear cylinder so I could see there was no ink in them.  (No kidding.)  Now I understand why there were no pens in the desk where I’m sitting.  The previous worker no doubt bought her own and took them with her when she left.

Tomorrow I’m working from home because someone else will be moving to the desk where I’ve worked the last 2 days.  When  I go back on Thursday, I’m not sure where I’ll be sitting or for how long.  Seems workspace is at a premium and everyone is fighting for better positioning.  And it doesn’t seem anyone really cares that much if I’m there or if I’m doing anything.  It’s a strange place.

Tomorrow I’ll write a bit about the county’s Intranet – it’s also a bit strange.


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