Powell Endorses Obama

As I write this Colin Powell is talking to Tom Brokaw on Meet The Press.  He explained in some detail why he thinks Barack Obama will be a better president at this time.  I don’t get the impression this was an easy decision for Powell and he seemed quite nervous as he made his case.

Why?  Because I think loyalty is very important for career military officials and he no doubt feels he is turning his back on the Republican Party.  Perhaps all the other conservatives who have come out in favor of Obama helped Powell make his decision public, but the bottom line is this – the Republican Party is no longer what it was and is moving dangerously away from the moderate middle.  I still believe there are more moderates in this country, and moving too far in either direction is not good for the country. 

It appears Brokaw is doing everything he can to discredit Powell’s decision to endorse Obama.  Brokaw just showed some video of Powell praising Cheney  at the RNC, stating he would be a great Veep.  I got the impression Brokaw was trying to introduce a bit of doubt into viewers’ minds by suggesting Powell got it wrong then, so why trust him now?

Good for Powell for doing the right thing.  I’m certain the sliming of Powell will begin apace.


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