Dirty Gutters?

We are luckier than some because we live in a ranch home so we don’t have too far to climb to clean out the gutters.  That doesn’t mean we enjoy doing it, however, and once again it’s time to drag out the ladder and get up on the roof.

Twice a year Mr. gyma gets up on the roof with a hose and attempts to get all the leaves, twigs, and whatever else he finds out of the gutters.  Lately, he’s had to do a neighbor’s house as well because they refuse to clean their gutters and that means we get water in our basement during heavy rainstorms.

I recently heard about this product, known as the iRobot Looj.  It’s an automated system that works via a remote control and sells for between $99.99 and $169.99.  I tried determining what differentiates the price differences, but couldn’t find any information on the company’s website.  I’m guessing it has something to do with the size of the battery or perhaps the width of the gutters it can clean.

We haven’t investigated what it would cost to have someone else come clean our gutters, but some of the people on the company’s website who wrote reviews, claim it can often cost about $500 per cleaning.  If you do that twice a year, it starts to add up.  Investing $100 or so seems cheap in comparison.

As we get older, and falling off the roof gets more and more dangerous, perhaps we will give the iRobot a chance to prove itself.


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