Before I Die….


The “Before I Die I Want To….” project came about because of the upcoming demise of the Polaroid camera.  Kodak has stopped making the film for Polaroid cameras so when the current supply is exhausted, the camera will be “dead.”

The creators of the project met 10 years ago while students at Saint Mary’s College and have been exploring sociology, psychology, and art ever since.

The creators of the project are hoping their efforts at getting people to think about what they want to do with their lives will help them focus and keep their promises.

The women carry their Polaroid cameras everywhere they go and when they find a willing subject they ask the person to state out loud what they want to do before they die while their picture is being taken.  They then ask the subject to write that promise on the photo to reinforce the desire.

Some time in the future, the project creators hope to contact the subjects to find out if they have made any progress towards their goals.

The picture I’ve included comes close to what I’d like to do.  I would also settle for being able to live in 5-10 large metropolitan cities for just one year.  I’d most likely choose the following:

  1. Seattle
  2. Portland
  3. San Francisco
  4. Chicago
  5. New Orleans
  6. NYC
  7. Boston
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Washington, DC
  10. Miami

The idea would be to rent a studio apartment right in the middle of the city and work a part-time job that would pay basic expenses.  All time not spent working, sleeping, or re-charging my batteries would be spent taking advantage of all the free services offered such as festivals, museums, libraries, etc.

What would you do?

One Response to “Before I Die….”

  1. What a great before i die! please use the “submit” button on our website to send in your photo!
    -ks + Nicole

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