Classy California Republicans

Am I the only one who thinks the Republican Party has gone off the reservation?  Apparently there are fewer and fewer traditional Republicans left in the party and those who do remain are finding it more and more difficult to veer away from the far right towards the moderate middle. 

I’ve always been registered as an Independent and will most likely continue doing so.  But as the Republican Party has lost its way, it’s becoming doubtful I will ever vote for a Republican politician again. 

I think it’s time for the traditional Republicans to form a new party and the right wingers can form their own party known as Christianists.

Recently the Sacramento County GOP was criticized for having the following image on their website:

Today you can read about another California Republican party official who sent out a newsletter recently that included this image of Obama bucks:

This is the 21st century and what amazes me is these Republicans don’t see anything wrong or offensive with these types of “attacks.”  They are somehow equivalent to Obama criticizing John McCain’s health care plan or tax cuts for the rich.

There is just something immature, mean, and demeaning about these people and I think it’s time that thoughtful Republicans denounce this type of behavior roundly and consider leaving the party altogether.

[via Andrew Sullivan]


2 Responses to “Classy California Republicans”

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  2. Well said, I couldn’t agree more. I posted today on that same subject.

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