BBQed Mom

Kathleen Almond

Kathleen Allmond


Does this woman look normal to you?  I read about Ms. Allmond and her 30-year old son, in this morning’s newspaper.

It seems Allmond’s 84-year old mother died in December.  Apparently Allmond wasn’t ready to give up her mother’s monthly social security checks so she and her son cremated her on a concrete culvert where just weeks before they had cooked their Thanksgiving turkey.

One hundred years ago people took care of their loved ones after death, most often by burying them themselves.  Would you feel differently had Ms. Allmond cremated her mother and then immediately notified the authorities?  It looks like you need some kind of permit to cremate a body and doing so without said permit is a misdemeanor.

I think Allmond and her son will be in a bit more trouble for the theft of social security, but according to the article, it gets a bit more bizarre.

Ms. Allmond took a chunk of her mother’s skull and made a necklace out of it and then put a picture of herself wearing said necklace on a MySpace page.

Now that’s a dysfunctional family!


One Response to “BBQed Mom”

  1. This is a gruesome story. Does make you wonder about the people living in our neighborhoods and walking the streets.

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