You Named Your Baby What?!

It’s all over the Internet that a man in Tennessee recently named his newborn daughter Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak without telling his wife, the child’s mother.  He claimed he didn’t have much money to donate to the campaign, so this was his way of helping.  The couple had agreed they would name her Ava Grace, but apparently the father filled out the paperwork, complete with the switcheroo.

This story got me thinking about some of the strange names parents give their children.  I first began paying attention when I worked in the children’s department of the public library where I came in contact with thousands and thousands of kids.  Sometimes the names were “normal” but they spellings were so tortured, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for what the kids would go through.

I have a fairly common first name, however there are two normally accepted spellings.  So I must spell it every time I give it out.  And I’m surprised by how often strangers want to shorten it to the associated nickname, something I haven’t responded to in decades.  (E.g., think of Katherine, Kathryn, Kathy.)

I can’t remember many of the names now, because my brain simply doesn’t have the storage capacity for trivia.  But I do remember one girl, whose name was Myrikal (miracle).  I’ve also read a story about a gal in Louisiana named Le-a.  One might think her name could be pronounced Leah, Lee-A, Lay-a, or Lei, but you would be wrong.  The mother is apparently upset because people are always getting it wrong.

The name is pronounced Ledasha. 

Although this article, published in Psychology Today, is now 4 years old, it still has meaning today.

Do you personally know anyone with an unusual name?


One Response to “You Named Your Baby What?!”

  1. Look at Sarah Palin’s poor childrens’ names.

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