“Cotton” McCain and “Peggy” Palin

I really needed a laugh today and this hit the spot.  For the uninitiated, Cotton is Hank Hill’s father on King of the Hill  and Peggy is Hank’s wife.

We don’t see this show as much these days, but I got hooked on it several years ago after I suffered a detached retina and underwent eye surgery.  I was couch bound for a week and was unable to read or use my long distance vision.  The only thing my surgeon permitted was watching television.

Lucky for me, King of the Hill reruns were shown every afternoon at 4:00.  It quickly became one of the bright spots during that miserable time in my life.  If you’ve never watched the show, get your hands on a couple of the episodes from your public library or NetFlix and you’ll quickly discover the similarities between Cotton and McCain and Peggy and Palin.

Good stuff!


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