Obama’s Unamerican? Really?

Do you suppose the people who believe Obama is a terrorist are the same people who believe we never really landed on the moon?

Copyright 2008 Creators Syndicate

Copyright 2008 Creators Syndicate


7 Responses to “Obama’s Unamerican? Really?”

  1. How about those who don’t think Obama is terrorist – the majority – but who are very concerned about the fact that he chooses to associate with one?

    When you add together Ayers, Rezko and Wright, you don’t get a picture that sits well with a lot of us.

  2. Please explain to me how you view Obama’s relationship with Ayers. It is my understanding that Ayers has not had any run-ins with the law in at least 40 years. Obama certainly didn’t know Ayers in the 70s when Ayers was part of the Weather Underground.

    I think it’s a bit too facile to want to connect Ayers and Obama as being terrorist sympathizers or that because Obama sat on the same board with Ayers he somehow shared all Ayers’ views on every subject throughout all of time.

    How do you feel about McCain’s associations with people who approved of others killing doctors who performed abortions? And I’m not talking about people who had done these things 40 years ago, either.

    We can all play the Kevin Bacon Six Degrees of Separation game and probably come up with some less than savory characters. Does this mean we have the same beliefs?

    You see, what makes sense to me is what the person, him or herself, says and does, not what some “associates” may have done decades ago.

    And isn’t Palin’s known associations with the Alaskan Independence Party more troubling than the Ayers-Obama connection?

  3. Gyma,

    Ayers was a terrorist and has not only never repented but openly wished he had done more. I see no reason to ever forgive the man.

    In the case of Obama it’s not just Ayers; it’s also Rezko and Wright. The composite image is one of Obama not having a problem associating with a number of unsavory sorts, some of which – Ayers and Wright – are openly against the bulk of the US.

    Obama may or may not share their views, but he still willingly associates with them. One has to question his character at that point since who you’re friends or associates with says a lot about who you are.

    And yes, I’m not particularly pleased about some of McCain’s past associations either and think they’re fair game for consideration when picking a POTUS.

  4. I hope you listened or read Rev. Wright’s sermons in their entirety, rather than the soundbites played 24/7 on cable news. I particularly found it less offensive when I understood why Wright said ‘god damn America’ in its context. I have ancestral roots that run very deep in this country and consider myself patriotic, but not jingoistic. I understand that my country has done some things I’m not proud of and would hope we can discuss them openly and honestly so we learn from them and try not to repeat them.

    I’d like to discuss more your specific concerns about Rev. Wright. Do you truly think he’s unpatriotic? He joined the Marine Corps voluntarily and served for 6 years. George Bush and Dick Cheney, not so much. So are Bush/Cheney more or less patriotic? These are the same characters who have done so much damage to our Constitution. I don’t find that particularly patriotic.

    I’m caucasian, but have African-Americans in my family. One thing I can tell you is that life in this country is very different for people of color and that has an influence on how you see your world. I’ve read that Obama’s manners and demeanor are attributable to growing up on an island where you are forced to get along with people you disagree with.

    I think now, more than ever, is the time to elect a president who understands how to get along with people we do not agree with. Do you?

    I really want to move the dialogue in this country away from our differences and towards our similarities. The world will be a better place if we can do this.

  5. One more thing, does sitting on the same board with someone mean you associate with them?

    Ayers isn’t a close friend or advisor to the Obama campaign so his “relationship” seems tenuous at best.

  6. I have read several of his sermons in their entirety and have read James Cone’s A Black Theology Of Liberation, which is the foundation work of Wright’s church. I found little in either that wasn’t just preaching hatred against Whites and the various institutions in America.

    Rev. Wright served – and all reports say served well, faithfully, and courageously – from 1961 – 1967. I believe that he was that point a patriot.

    Cone didn’t write the works that started the Black Liberation Theology movement in America until 1969 and Wright didn’t become pastor of Trinity UCC, a venue for those racist teachings until 1972.

    Rev. Wright’s service predates his descent into preaching hate and racism.

  7. For the sake of argument, let’s say you are right and Rezko, Ayers, and Wright are all horrible, terrible people who have done and continue doing traitorous acts.

    Can you name anything Obama has done in his life/career that leads you to believe he has absorbed these philosophies?

    And how do you feel about Gov. Palin’s close ties to the AIP, an organization that actually believes Alaska should vote on secession??

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