Hot Stuff!

When I first saw this over at Dependable Renegade I thought it was someone’s artistic foolery.  But no, someone is actually selling this “Hot for V.P. Hot Sauce” for $5 a bottle (or just $1 per ounce).

Will any of the right-wing media, er, say Sean Hannity, call this sexist?  Oh, who am I kidding!

Anyone who thinks that Sarah Palin is advancing equality for women is delusional.  I find this product really offensive and Palin’s strutting her stuff in high heels while winking at her audiences does not help women one bit.  Unless of course you believe sleeping your way to the top is the way to go.

I’m deeply disgusted by this campaign and can’t wait for it to be over.  Although my fears are that Obama will win this election and the right-wing noise machine will waste no time in pinning the blame for these last 8, miserable years on the Democrats.  It will be the Clinton years all over again, but ten times worse.

Any bets?


2 Responses to “Hot Stuff!”

  1. You’ve got to wonder what the rest of the world thinks about stuff like this. Is it just this community of less than youthful ladies that feel as we do??

  2. I don’t think so. I think many thoughtful women are also concerned. I was raised in a Baptist church and I admit, that at times, it felt like brainwashing. I clearly remember at the age of 6 or so, being taught the meaning of “faith.” I was told to close my eyes while the Sunday School teacher tried pushing me onto a chair. Of course I resisted and therefore was told I didn’t have sufficient faith!

    My guess is there are many hundreds of thousands of other women who were also raised in this type of background who never rebelled the way I did. I also remember arguing my ex-mother-in-law (also part of this church) when the country was considering the ERA amendment. She was strongly against it because she believed if it passed men and women would be forced to share the same public restrooms. I kid not.

    My best guess is that many not-so-thoughtful women see Palin as a role model, not only for themselves, but for their daughters, too. Of course they aresn’t seeing the objectification of women so much as they are seeing her strength in standing up to the “boys” and her “devotion” to her religious beliefs.

    I find that notion quite sad.

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