Get A Life

I subscribe to Newsweek and this week’s copy arrived yesterday.  I had already read it and put it in the recycling bin when I came across this at The Jed Report.

I immediately went to the garage and dug the magazine out of the bin because I had not noticed anything unusual with the cover.  I had to look pretty hard to see what this woman was complaining about.  I then handed the magazine to Mr. gyma and asked him if he could see anything wrong with the photo.  Nope.  Even with a couple of hints he couldn’t see anything.

I think Fox News just made a mountain from a molehill and now everyone will be talking about this baloney for the next week.  Is this all the Fox News harpies have to talk about?



One Response to “Get A Life”

  1. Well, I’m shocked! Don’t the people at Newsweek know that superficiality is the most important quality that the Republicans have going for them? How dare they not cover up Sarah’s flaws! (Barf!)

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