Playing House

This is truly a sad commentary on what is currently happening in this country.  I know there are people who believe Sarah Palin is qualified to be Vice President but their arguments sound shallow to me.  I’ve heard everything from her experience as Mayor and Governor (although these same people never point to decisions she made while in these positions to back up their beliefs) to having foreign policy experience because she lives next door to Russia. 

Can anyone tell me why these people haven’t been laughed off the planet?  Only a Republican would believe he/she could say these things and get away with it.  Has the Republican Party become the party of zombies?  Are they no longer able to think for themselves?  When you have the editor of a major conservative magazine writing about Palin winking through the television screen directly at him, don’t you wonder about the seriousness of these people?

The hypocrisy of Republicans knows no bounds and is quite breathtaking in scope.  Put lipstick, high heels, and a shiny, designer dress on a Republican along with some veneers, highlights and Japanese, high-priced eyeglasses and you are suddenly qualified for one of the highest offices in the country.

Palin is popular in Alaksa for a few reasons:  she’s not as corrupt (yet) as previous Alaskan politicians and she levied a windfall profits tax on oil in Alaska and passed that along to the residents of Alaska while she billed the rest of us, via earmarks, for roads to nowhere amongst other things.  Because she comes from an oil rich state, which has benefited enormously from the rise in oil prices, she hasn’t been in the position of making difficult, unpopular decisions. 

Someone, anyone, please explain to me what is in her background that makes you so sure she’s ready for the presidency.  Would you seriously feel safe had Sarah Palin been vice president on 9/11?  Remember that George W. Bush was being flown all over the country immediately after the attacks and it was Dick Cheney who was calling the shots.

[graphic via Drawger]


One Response to “Playing House”

  1. It’s beyond me why the Republicans love her so. If I say a word I’m accused of being an elitist and arrogant. It scares me we have so many people that can be so easily fooled. I don’t think that speaks well for America.

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