McCain’s Schedule

This is the header on the Calendar page of McCain’s websiteReform, Prosperity, Peace?  Are they kidding?  McCain can’t even reform himself  let alone the country.  He’s been talking for months and months about how he’s going to remove all these earmarks yet he voted last week for a bill full of earmarks.

And what’s his plan for prosperity?  I like the Onion clip “Everyone Marry a Beer Heiress” as an economic plan.  I tried reading through his economic plan on his website but I gave up after reading that McCain thinks the way to prosperity is flex-time, a gas-tax holiday, and a statement about how taxpayer money should never be used to bailout out financial markets who failed to adequately assess credit risks.  I already know he wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, which will give billions to the people who truly don’t need it.

Peace? Peace?!  And that would be what, exactly?  Staying in Iraq until we’ve “won” whatever that means while trying to wage war in Afghanistan and threatening Iran since we can’t talk to our enemies.

McCain can’t even speak civilly to Obama, how will he be able to deal with foreign leaders he doesn’t agree with?  Apparently he’s still ticked off at Spain for withdrawing its troops from Iraq.

If you go to McCain’s calendar you’ll see he doesn’t have any solo stops planned between now and the 2nd debate on the 15th.  While Gramps is snoozing, Gidget is out winking her way to the top.  I mean, when she isn’t whipping up the ditto heads who show up at their rallies foaming at the mouth.

I better not hear either of them tell me they are in a better position to reach across anything.  They will be reviled and hated by at least half the people in this country by election day, whether they win or lose.


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