Why Vote For Obama?

So much energy has spent on Gov. Palin because we’re all humans who enjoy watching trainwrecks, particularly from a distance.  I have to admit she’s made the election cycle interesting in some humorous, and not so humorous, ways. 

Now it’s time to focus just a bit on why Barack Obama would be a better choice for president than John McCain.

I’ve read that Obama has a holistic worldview that shapes his policies.  Unlike George W. Bush and John McCain, he has a plan for the direction he wants to take America.  You may not agree with his plan, but at least he has one.  John McCain is all about talking about change, but no one can actually say what those changes would be, other than removing earmarks from the budget process.  And after McCain voted for the bailout package, do you really believe him on the earmarks talking point?

Here’s what Obama wants to do.  He believes in human dignity here at home and also abroad.  He believes that making America strong cannot come simply from providing more money to the military, but must also come from economic opportunities for Americans and for the rest of the world.  Obama also understands the importance energy plays in our national security and what we must begin doing to obtain that independence.  It doesn’t involve the mantra, “Drill, Baby, Drill.”  It means investing heavily in alternative energy, something the Bush administration has thwarted at every turn in order to keep Big Oil fat and contented.

Obama would work diligently to restore our standing in the world, and that won’t be an easy task after eight years of the bully, Bush.  From all I’ve read, most of the rest of the world has seen a healing force in Obama that is missing in McCain.  Although there are people who think we can go it alone and the hell with everyone else, we are now living in the age of globalization where that kind of attitude is dangerous.

Obama understands we must find a way to responsibly leave Iraq and the sooner the better.  McCain says we cannot leave Iraq until we’ve “won” although I’ve yet to hear what the definition of victory means to McCain.  In the meantime we are spending $10 billion a month in Iraq, which means we have no money left to invest in us.  Last night I heard something profound from comedian, Gary Shandling, on Real Time With Bill Maher.  Shandling made the astute comment that there really is a contradiction when McCain claims we are winning in Iraq, while we’re actually losing at home by bankrupting the country.  Think about that.

These things make sense to me on a personal level.  I’m not voting for Obama because I think he’s the savior of the world.  I’m voting for him because I believe he will be a deliberate, thoughtful, caring president who will represent America very well on the world stage.  I’ve had enough of the bullying tactics of these last eight years and want to see us begin to move in a different direction.


3 Responses to “Why Vote For Obama?”

  1. It would just be nice to have an administration that doesn’t forget there is life and breath outside the beltway. I just have a feeling that Obama will stay grounded – or Michelle will kick hi butt! Lol!

  2. My 2 Cents Says:

    One fact to add: Obama also voted for the bailout. So this apparently means:

    1. He believes trickle down economics DOES work (what’s good for Wall Street is good for Main Street)

    2. He believes in not following the pay-go rules

    3. He believes in not being fiscally responsible (all that pork. Rum? Arrows? What?)

  3. I wish Obama hadn’t voted for the bailout, but you’ll notice McCain also voted for it. It makes even less sense for McCain to have voted that way since he’s been staking his entire campaign on voting against pork.

    Apparently what goes on in Washington is multi-faceted and I have no idea what was truly behind this vote. Personally, I was against it all the way around.

    One thing I have learned however, is that your opponent will turn whatever you do against you in a New York minute. So I fault the Bush administration for not taking action sooner. I find it impossible to believe Bush, Paulson, and Bernanke were unaware of the problem until just a month ago. It feels like is was all done intentionally to throw the election.

    So far I’d say it’s backfiring on them.

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