Jeeves 2.0

I’m currently reading Robert Frank’s book, Richistan.  I’ve learned that quite a few Americans have gotten rich quickly over the last decade and their conspicuous consumption knows no bounds.

Until fairly recently, the need for well-trained household help was on the decline.  It is now a growth industry.  Butlers are so passe – the new title is Certified Household Manager. 

Not just anyone can be a CHM, however.  Starkey International in Denver has a training program that is often cited as the industry standard.  I searched the website and couldn’t find the cost of the program, although Frank reports in his book that the cost was $12,000 a few years ago.  Training to become a Jeeves 2.0 isn’t cheap, but the rewards are many.  Starkey claims the starting salary for a CHM is $80,000 plus benefits, often including housing.    In exchange for this salary, you will have to sell your soul to the devil because you will be at the beck and call of the newly rich 24/7.

Here’s what I think it would be like working as a CHM.  The master of the house awakens one morning to find a mouse in the house.  You are called upon to rid the mouse from the house.  You call an exterminator who comes and sets a trap.  The mouse eventually meets his demise in the trap so you call the House Maintenance Supervisor to come remove the mouse.  Or you become responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the family’s swimming pool.  You supervise the Pool Technician who takes the pool’s temperature and chemical levels on an hourly basis.  You enter this data into an Excel spreadsheet so your master can access this very important data with the click of a few buttons.  Or you spend several days buying special, personalized gifts for the family’s friends and relatives.   You might even learn the fine art of gift wrapping using uncut sheets of $1 bills.

If rubbing elbows with the rich sounds like your thing, but you’re not quite ready to invest $12,000+, you can check out Estate Jobs to see who’s hiring what.


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