Lobbyist Fat Cats

Sheesh.  I’ve been wrapping gifts with used Sunday comics – you know the ones in color.  Guess I don’t have to worry about becoming a member of the “it” crowd any time soon.  The video shows Edwina Rogers giving a lesson on how to wrap a gift. 

Here’s some background on Edwina, from a September 2006 article in the Washington Post:

Edwina Rogers — a former Bush White House aide and the wife of Ed Rogers, a former Reagan aide now lobbying for Eli Lilly, Lorillard Tobacco Co. and the government of Qatar — gave Crowley a tour of Surry Hill, her 18,000-square-foot McLean mega-mansion. “Edwina doesn’t know the total number of rooms in Surry Hill,” Crowley writes, “but an elevator services the house’s three floors. Upstairs, Edwina’s bathroom (one of eight) features a small fireplace by the tub . . . ”

But Rogers is proudest of her private art gallery and its extensive collection. “We do a lot of lobbying for foreign governments,” she tells Crowley. “I just can’t imagine any country we haven’t gotten a piece from.”

Building palaces with money made shilling for foreign governments. Is that how Republicans became the party of patriotism?


One Response to “Lobbyist Fat Cats”

  1. […] Here’s what I think it would be like working as a CHM.  The master of the house awakens one morning to find a mouse in the house.  You are called upon to rid the mouse from the house.  You call an exterminator who comes and sets a trap.  The mouse eventually meets his demise in the trap so you call the House Maintenance Supervisor to come remove the mouse.  Or you become responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the family’s swimming pool.  You supervise the Pool Technician who takes the pool’s temperature and chemical levels on an hourly basis.  You enter this data into an Excel spreadsheet so your master can access this very important data with the click of a few buttons.  Or you spend several days buying special, personalized gifts for the family’s friends and relatives.   You might even learn the fine art of gift wrapping using uncut sheets of $1 bills. […]

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