Election Theft For Dummies

Black Box Voting is reporting that the McCain campaign is mailing out confusing or incorrect absentee ballot request forms in at least 10 states.  Apparently they are switching up the mistakes in an effort to make it all look like “honest mistakes.”

Does anyone think the mailers are going to registered Republicans?  Of course not.

This appears like a simple ploy to disenfranchise as many voters in as many swing states as possible, because McCain now sees this as his only chance at winning.  But remember, McCain wants you to believe he’s all about Country First!

These are far from “honest mistakes.”  This is a concerted effort by John McCain to steal this election and the mainstream media is, once again, doing too little to correct the problem.

Now you know why McCain has to fight hard to keep the polls close.  As soon as the polls begin reporting Obama with an 8-10 point lead, this little scheme starts to fall apart.

What country am I living in again?

UPDATE:  Apparently someone has hijacked the original Black Box Voting and is now using a very similar URL domain.  I removed the hyperlink in the original post while I do a bit more research. 

It appears the basic facts of this story remain accurate and can be verified at The Topeka Capital-Journal, People’s Weekly World, The Cincinnati Enquirer and more.

One Response to “Election Theft For Dummies”

  1. ” BLACK BOX VOTING” is not that false Web site. That is a squatter pretending to be the real Black Box Voting. Our attorney is involved. The real Black Box Voting is a bona fide nonprofit organization. That site is not registered as a dba, shows up in the WHOIS database as owned by an individual with a defunct, noncompliant unrelated corporation that had its papers yanked. They have been copying information from the news and regurgitating it, hijacking our trade name to do so.

    Please correct your headline. They have nothing to do with the real Black Box Voting, and we’ve spent many years developing our good name. It is our organization that was featured in the HBO film. Not the regurgitating squatter. We hold the explicit legal rights to the domain name but the squatter has refused to follow directives that he himself signed requiring him to turn it over. You should also know that he has been involved in extensive harassment and smear campaigns, not only only against our organization, but against others, like Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney. Earlier, he smeared and libeled Julia Hiatt Steele, a witness who stood up to Ken Starr during his inquisitions. That political tool is who your article is promoting.

    Thank you in advance for correcting the record.

    Bev Harris
    Director – Black Box Voting

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