Election Day Tsunami

Doug Lewis, Executive Director of the National Association of Election Officials, is warning of problems on election day because of an unprecedented turnout.

My question, then, is this.  Does anyone believe that people are registering to vote in droves because they want to see 4 more years of Bush-type policies?

Assuming that the majority of new voters are doing so because they are fed up with what’s been going on in Washington, then why are the polls still this close?

I don’t get it.


2 Responses to “Election Day Tsunami”

  1. Simple logic: lots of people want change… but they are split as to what “change” is desired. “change” is not a direction.

    Do people want a shift left or do they just want a shift to the true right with more competent execution and better communication?

    The popularity of Sarah Palin should make it obvious.

  2. Alan,

    I’m not sure what the “true right” is exactly. Can you help me out?

    Do you think John McCain is more conservative than George Bush? And do you think McCain is a better communicator than Bush?

    Please provide some examples to help me understand. Thanks.

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