Shoot The Phone

If I owned a gun, I’d shoot the phone.  We are being bombarded with what appears to be a push poll, although there is never anyone on the line when you answer it.

Yesterday we received between 15-20 of these calls, sometimes within 3-4 minutes of each other.  I don’t pay for caller ID, but used the *69 feature to get the phone number.  According to the google search I did yesterday, others in the Denver market are also getting these calls.  Calling to ask to have your number removed from the list doesn’t work because when you call no one answers. 

It is obviously a beserk computer and there is nothing we can do about it, according to Qwest, other than paying an additional $6.95 per month to block telemarketer calls.  Of course the Qwest customer service rep also admitted that as soon as they block one number, they switch to a different one.

Today we’ve had 6 calls before dinner, but I expect that number to rise dramatically during the evening hours.

The election cannot come soon enough for reasons too numerous to mention.


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