President Bush will address the nation in about an hour and here are my predictions:

  1. The word bailout will not be used.
  2. The word dire will be used often.
  3. The drinking word of the night will be crisis.  You will hear it repeatedly.
  4. If he could, he would tell us not passing this whopper of a bill will result in a mushroom cloud of toxic paper.
  5. This address will be to scare us, not enlighten.  When he’s done you will not know any more about the hows and whys.
  6. The stock market will close down tomorrow.
  7. There will be no deal by Friday evening and John McCain will be a no-show at the debate and it will be all Barack Obama’s fault.

John McCain was interviewed by Katie Couric on this evening’s news.  You can watch that interview here.  Notice how he laughs nervously several times throughout the interview.  That reminds me of you-know-who.

UPDATE:  At least there wasn’t any smirking tonight.  Bush did a fairly credible job explaining how we got in this mess, but I think he should have taken some personal responsibility for this mess.  Fall on the sword, something like.  Bottom line is I don’t think he helped convince too many people.

My favorite part of the talk was when Bush said this bailout must take place so families will be able to continue borrowing to meet their needs.  Does anyone in this country live within their means anymore?


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