This election has a recurring theme that the hard-working American is dismayed and angry about jobs that are outsourced overseas.

Both parties promise a cure. But the government is not the cure; we are.

The critics of outsourcing will be seen driving a Japanese car, buying Wilson tennis balls made in Thailand, and wearing Chinese-made clothes. America makes world-class cars, Penn tennis balls, and a wide selection of inexpensive, high-quality clothing. Please don’t complain about your job being outsourced to India or China if you do not make the effort to buy American-made products.

Wake up, America! Read the label. If your job depends on something made in America, yet you obliviously buy foreign-made goods, you are putting a fellow American out of work. And you will soon wonder why your job was sent overseas.

Carl Lyday, Castle Rock

Maybe Carl Lyday knows something I don’t.  He lists only Penn Tennis Balls and American made cars as examples where consumers can actually choose between American made and foreign made products.   I never go to the mall and rarely go shopping except to buy groceries and Home Depot to buy stuff to fix the house.  But a couple of years ago I was shopping in a Kohl’s Department Store and spent some time on a scavenger hunt.  I looked at shoes, clothing, towels, sheets, small appliances, dishes, jewelry, pots & pans, etc. and the only product made in this country was a tube of body lotion or something like that.

As an aside, last summer, on the day before I was to travel to Washington, DC to visit family, I went to the basement to do a load of laundry.  When I opened the closet door, I discovered water, water everywhere.  Our water heater had sprung a leak and needed replacing.  This was about 2pm and I started calling plumbers.  Only one had a person answering the phone, so I set up an appointment for later in the afternoon.  We ended up paying $1,700 to have a 40-gallon, gas water heater installed.  Why so much, you might ask?  Because we ended up with the only water heater being manufactured in the United States.  Plus I found out later this plumbing company was the only one in town to offer its employees health insurance benefits.

In a small way, I’m pleased the extra money we were charged didn’t go into the pocket of a greedy business owner, but we clearly paid quite a premium for this water heater.


One Response to “Huh?”

  1. The worst part is that things aren’t always made overseas even if it is a foreign company. To figure out where anything is actually made is an obstacle course.

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