Neighborhood Political Signs






Are you seeing many political yard signs or bumper stickers in your area?  I’m not, and I think that’s odd.  I rode my bike to the library this afternoon (3 miles one way) and took a different route coming and going.  I saw one lonely McCain sign and one lonely Obama sign.  In fact I saw way more “For Sale” signs than I did political signs.

Four years ago when Bush was running against Kerry, we saw lots of bumper stickers for both, although I wasn’t paying attention then to yard signs.  I’m not really seeing that many bumper stickers either.

I live in a historically conservative community although our area has been listed in several of those “Best Places to Live” lists the last several years so we’ve had an influx of people moving here from other areas.

Do you think this is such a charged election that people don’t want to let their neighbors know their political preferences?

If you click on either sign you can read interesting yard sign stories.  It’s difficult to tell from the image, but the image on the right side of the red McCain sign is of the burning Twin Towers.  They apparently are proliferating in Jacksonville, FL.

Please, someone, remind me of this fact should I ever talk about moving to Florida!


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