Will Colin Powell Endorse Obama?

I think Colin Powell is an intelligent man, so his saying he’s still undecided seems disingenuous to me.  He did say today that an election of an African American would be “electrifying.”  I hope he does endorse Obama, and I hope he does it quickly.

As of last month, Powell was saying he liked and admired John McCain.  I wonder if that remains true today.

Hmmm, Colin?

[For the record, I lost respect for Powell when he went before the U.N. Security Council in the run up to the Iraq War.]

3 Responses to “Will Colin Powell Endorse Obama?”

  1. I’m also puzzled about Colin Powell.

    I think he’s torn. He feels he needs to support the first black candidate in America to win the White House, but at the same time he’s military. Those folks stick together and can’t ever seem to get it out of their blood.

  2. My hope is that Powell would not endorse Obama simply because he’s black, but because he is able to see how McCain is willing to sell his soul to the devil in exchange for becoming president. That choosing someone like Sarah Palin as a running mate puts the country at risk, etc.

    If patriotism means you really want what’s best for your country, then McCain can’t be your candidate, can he?

    Isn’t Powell smart enough to see that “Country First” is a misnomer in McCain’s case?

  3. We’ve discussed Powell and the run up to the war and concluded even though he found the “evidence” sketchy at best, his military training made him too much the soldier to disobey “orders”. What really puzzles me is why he didn’t resign.

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