Another Reason Not To Vote For Obama

I came across this article in this morning’s Denver Post, about which candidate was in better physical condition, and couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Obama’s athleticism, however, might just backfire. Some have speculated that he might be too fit, too thin, too healthy to relate to an increasingly obese U.S. populace.

The Wall Street Journal recently quoted a voter from Corpus Christi, Texas, as saying she wouldn’t vote for Obama because “he needs to put some meat on his bones.”

I’m speechless.

UPDATE:  For those of you who think I’m a McCain/Palin supporter, think again.


2 Responses to “Another Reason Not To Vote For Obama”

  1. SacBee “reporter” Sam McManis pretty much admits right there in in the last para that he simply was retreading a WSJ “story.” THAT article was put together by a reporter who trolled a PUMA board – literally asked if Obama was too athletically inclined.

    In other words, it’s made up out of whole cloth.

    If journalism isn’t dead it’s certainly on life support.


  2. Gosh, you wouldn’t want a man able to stand up to the rigors of the Presidency, now would you?

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