Anchorage Protest

Apparently several hundred protestors marched in Anchorage today after Palin’s speech.  I couldn’t find any pictures of the protestors, so it’s unclear how many were really there.

Notice that large, glitzy ‘ALASKA’ pin Sarah’s wearing.   A cynic would say she clearly loves Alaska more than she does the United States, no?


UPDATE:  The Anchorage Daily News is now reporting that 1,500 protestors showed up today in Anchorage.


And Mudflats went to the Welcome Home Rally itself and says the room holds about 5,000 but he thought only about 1,000 were there.  The media was reporting, however, that 2,000 were there.  Many of the other pictures were tight shots making the crowd appear much larger.

Here’s the shot Mudflats took:


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