You Can’t Blink!

I didn’t watch ABC News with Charles Gibson or Nightline last night so my information on the Palin interview is from this morning’s newspaper.  What struck me most was that Palin said she never hesitated to accept McCain’s offer to be his running mate.

You have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission, the mission that we’re on – reform of this country and victory in the war – you can’t blink.

Now I’m frightened.  Her governing style will be shoot first, ask questions later.  Because you can’t blink.    Perhaps retired Senator Lincoln Chafee, once a Republican, was right when he called Palin a “cocky wacko.” 

There’s self-confident, and then there’s cocky wacko. 

Heaven.  Help. Us.

UPDATE:  I’ve now spent time on the Internet and have learned much more about the Gibson interview.  Interestingly enough, the article in the Denver Post (by McClatchy journalist Steven Thomma) never mentioned the Bush Doctrine question or the question about having met any foreign leaders.  ABC News fact checked her answer and discovered that all the Vice Presidents over the last 30 years had met foreign heads of states prior to being elected.  Factually, I suppose one could argue her answer was true.   Maybe Hannibal Hamlin never met a foreign head of state, but the world has changed a great deal since the mid 1800s. The article was 13 paragraphs long and 3-4 of those paragraphs tell the reader nothing about the content of the interview.  Until now, I had a higher opinion of McClatchy than I did the Associated Press, primarily because of their willingness to strongly question the run-up to the Iraq War.

I did watch part of the interview with the sound turned off and found Charlie Gibson’s body language and facial expressions interesting.  It appeared even he was surprised by the answers she was giving.

Does this mean Palin will only appear on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh?


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