Who’s Watching The Kids?

I’ve seen several pictures like this, showing Todd Palin with his wife on the campaign trail.  In one photo, it looks like they are both signing autographs.

My question then is, who’s watching the kids?  He’s supposed to be Mr. Mom but he can’t be raising the kids if he’s following his wife around on the campaign trail.  Are the kids sequestered on the Straight Talk Express?  Are they back in Wasilla with a nanny?  Are they attending school, like all the other kids in this country?  Will Todd continue following his wife around when she resumes campaigning next week?  I think he’s enjoying the attention a tad too much.

My heart aches for the Palin children.  Perhaps they are accustomed to this kind of parenting, but being ignored by your parents normally doesn’t bode well for them long term.

UPDATE:   What purpose does Todd Palin have on the campaign trail?  What’s more important – your family or signing autographs?  If you are a working parent with a working spouse, is your job 24/7, like the VP or President’s job will be much of the time?  Do you believe a hired nanny can raise your children as well or better than you can?  What’s more important to you – spending time with your family that you will never get back or spending time away from your family pursuing a career?   

My opinion (and this is MY blog) is that someone has to raise the children.  I don’t care who does it, but I actually believe that children require their parents attention.  I would think you would be in favor of a government that would make it possible for one of you to stay home during your children’s formative years or one that would allow you both to work part-time in order to devote quality time with your family.

So yeah, I think one of these two needs to be home taking care of their children.  But it doesn’t matter to me which one it is.


2 Responses to “Who’s Watching The Kids?”

  1. I agree with you but I stepped in really hot water when I expressed that to a friend. I think she has exploited her children beyond belief.

  2. Personally, I think it’s a guilt thing. My stepdaughter is in the Navy and flies all over the word as part of her job. Sometimes she’s gone a few days, sometimes as long as a month. She’s been divorced for 7 years and has primary custody of the children, who are 19, 17, and 12. We don’t know who watches the kids when she’s gone, but it’s clear to both my husband and me that our grandchildren have gotten the short end of the stick. They simply do not get the necessary parental attention and supervision and it shows in their poor decision-making skills.

    Bottom line is I think parents today do the best they can given their circumstances. But I wish we, as a society, would take a deep breath, truly put family first, and realize kids are kids for a short period of time and a career can’t be as important as spending time with your family.

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