What’s Wrong With America?

Many of us are shaking our heads wondering what is going on in this country?  We have delved deeply into the silly season, which seems much sillier and vacuous than previous election cycles.  We ask ourselves how can women so easily abandon Hillary Clinton to embrace Sarah Palin, a woman with whom she has very little in common.  Why aren’t we focusing on the issues rather than the name calling and faux outrages being manufactured by Karl Rove & Co.?

We don’t understand those who are seeing McCain and Palin through rose-colored veils.  Wake up, America! Dennis Kucinich extolled Democrats at the DNC.  Yet we appear to be turning our attention away from the serious and toward the shallow and silly.  Why?

Andrew Romano had an interesting column in this week’s Newsweekmagazine.  In it he says that both sides are viewing Palin through their own political and cultural prisms.  And apparently, we truly are different as night and day.  Romano believes Democrats are attracted to Obama’s resume of Indonesia, memoirs, Harvard, legislature because it confirms our ideal of leadership: worldly, brainy, articulate, cooperative.  Palin’s supporters, on the other hand, are attracted to her resume of frontier mom, small town mayor, reformer, outsider because it conforms to their ideal of leadership namely, family, self-sufficiency, self-made, religious conviction.

Romano goes on to say that Democrats view Obama as being better than we’ll ever be.  By contrast, conservatives see Palin and think she’s one of us.

I think Romano is on to something with this.  Democrats and Republicans not only disagree on policy, they also disagree on what qualities our leaders should possess.

And then there is this article by Kathleen Deveny, an assistant managing editor of Newsweek.  Read it and weep.


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