Remembering 9/11

Today let’s remember the family and friends of those who died 7 years ago.  Let’s also make a concerted effort not to let 9/11 define who we are as a country.

By that I mean, let’s not become cowards, thinking the government can keep us safe from all our enemies.  It cannot do that.

I feel hijacked by the Republicans and their constant message of fear.  Keith Olberman was spot on last night on Countdown when he said the Republicans weren’t honoring the dead or those who tried to rescue them.  The video tribute to 9/11 during the RNC was a paean to fear and a not-so-subtle message that unless you vote Republican, this will happen again.

And let’s not forget all the goodwill George W. Bush, John McCain, and the Republican-led Congress wasted after 9/11.

I saw an interview with Tom Friedman yesterday on Charlie Rose and like Tom, I am going to choose to be identified not by 9/11, but by the 4th of July.


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