Let’s Elect More Liars!

Something is rotten in the US of A.  If you liked being lied to by the Bush Administration, then McCain and Palin are just what you are looking for.

[h/t The BoBlog]


3 Responses to “Let’s Elect More Liars!”

  1. I’m afraid too many voters will be satisfied with that!

  2. I wonder what is wrong with our country. I hear so many women saying why they would vote for her and it makes me understand why men were reluctant to give the vote to women 🙂

  3. I’m speechless. This lipstick wearing pig story has sucked all the oxygen out of the room, whereas Palin repeatedly lying to the public is a non-story.

    Guess that tells me all I need to know about American priorities. Pigs over policy, any day.

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