Don’t. Back. Down.

I was encouraged today to see that Obama didn’t back down from the most recent faux outrage by Karl Rove & Co.  I read several random blogs today and was surprised by some of the commenters who thought Obama needed to apologize to show he was a bigger person than McCain and Palin.

Sorry, but I’m not buying that.  Obama didn’t do anything wrong.  If the McCain campaign thought he called Palin a pig, then it looks to me like that says more about them than it does Obama.

The NBC Nightly News spent the first 6 minutes of tonight’s broadcast on the pig story and that was the extent of the campaign coverage.  Both Brian Williams and Chuck Todd called the story silly and Todd said this is what the McCain camp will be doing for the next 55 days – looking for faux outrages to suck the oxygen out of the room.  It’s all they’ve got.

So now Palin is swept off to Alaska and half the top aides will be tagging along to make sure she doesn’t slip up too badly when Charlie Gibson goes down on bended knee to show his deference to Queen Sarah.  It looks to the pundits that McCain and Palin will meet up quickly after those interviews and beginning campaigning again as the dynamic duo.  I guess McCain is afraid no one will show up if Palin isn’t with him.

So why don’t they let Gramps take a nap in the Straight Talk Express while Palin tells lies to the crowds?


One Response to “Don’t. Back. Down.”

  1. It’s going to be tedious sitting by while McCain and Palin do their work. I cannot imagine why anybody would be impressed with Palin. How far are we going to dumb down in this country. Why do they want poor dumb candidates? Come on, what’s wrong with a smart man that also enjoys learning? I guess I’ll never understand people and the way they vote.

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